The Heritage Toy Company was started on the family room’s floor, out of our desire to encourage our kids to learn our culture and understand our native tongue, the Yoruba language. The desire blossomed into what is the Yoruba Activity Learning Center, part of the “ÌJÌNLẸ̀ KIDS” Collection. Every part of the toy was designed and crafted with the kid’s inquisitive mind at heart! We hope your kids learn and love the toy as much as our kids do!

Our Mission is simple

Fún itęsíwàjú Àsà a wa, Fún ànfàní àwon omo wa
Yoruba Quote

This translates as: ” To increase the progress of our culture, for the benefit of our children.”

Our Values

are summarized from the African cultural believe that

it takes a village

to raise a child. This toy seeks to be part of that important village in giving children a little piece of their heritage.